Rick’s laser gunEdit


Rick firing his laser gun at the specimen collection pod.

In Critters 4, Rick the captain of the RSS Tesla crew, used a futuristic laser rifle to open the drifting speciman collection pod that contained the last two crite eggs and charlie from the third film then later when the pod was opened and charlie and the freshly hatchet crites were free and rick (who was killed by the crites) pointed at his laser gun which charlie then used to hunt the critelings down when at the same time he met ethan but unfortunitly the laser rifle was destroyed when they fell down into the space stations waste disposal.  


Charlie pointing the laser rifle at the ceiling while warning Ethan about the air ducts.

Tetra’s guardEdit

Counselor Tetra’s stormtroopers were also equiped with laser rifles. Tetra (formerly Ug) carried a laser pistol, in which he used to kill Al Bert. Had Charlie not have killed him, Tetra would have killed Ethan as well.

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