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The Crites,[1] are the main antagonists and monsters of the Critters film series. They are a group of malevolent carnivorous alien critters that have the ability to roll into balls, like hedgehogs. They can combine into a giant sphere that rolls across the landscape, eating everything in their path and causing destruction.


The Crites are from another unknown planet, and in the beginning of Critters, the last eight Crites are being transported to an intergalactic prison planet (presumably for preservation). There were ten Crites to be transferred, but two were killed as they were apparently eating everything in sight. It appears they are an officially recognised species in the Intergalactic Council, as they have the reputation of making Intergalactic officials nervous because of their ferocity. They even have a policy on the extinction of any intergalactic lifeform, confirming that Crites are officially recognised.


The Crites are small aliens resembling porcupines or hedgehogs. They have large rotund bodies, covered in a haze of black fur. In the first film, the Crites' fur is styled so that their stomach is shown, but in subsequent films, it too is covered in fur. They have small limbs, with tiny claws on both hands and feet. They have large mouths filled with multiple rows of sharp teeth, which they use to attack prey. Their nose is wide and flat, and they bear signature red cat-like eyes, which sometimes appear fluorescent from a distance. The Crites appear slightly larger in each sequel, and their fur appears more wild and spiky, as opposed to slicked back in the first installment.

They've been described in various ways, such as being like rats, possums, Tasmanian devils, badgers, and porcupines. Certain Crites have various unique features in the context of the film. For example, a Crite in Critters 3 rolls in some bleach, burning its face and bleaching part of its fur white. A Crite in Critters 2 has its hair shot off by one of the bounty hunters, which is repeated in Critters 4 on the lead Crite.

When first born, however, Crites are understandably much smaller when fully grown. In order to grow, a Crite must feed at least once. If a Crite feeds enough it may reach large sizes.

When the Crites are being attacked or attacking a human they usually scream like a human. This happens in Critters 2 in the Hungry Heifer scene, and in Critters 3 throughout the film.

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