counselor tetra

Counselor Tetra or Ug is a bounty hunter that hunts Crites (Critters). He's an antagonist in the fourth movie, while he's a secondary protagonist in first three.

Critters Edit

He and his partner went to Earth to stop the Crites from feeding. They must protect the human life (especially Brown Family). They went back to space and repaired the family's house by it self.

Critters 2 Edit

He appeared in the second film, along with Charlie, they have to go back and kill the creatures, also losing his partner and went to his original alien form. He went back to space after completing a mission.

Critters 3 Edit

He did not appear the third except in the end when Charlie violates the rule and sends a pod to take last two eggs.

Critters 4 Edit

He appeared in front of Charlie and told him sent last 2 eggs, he tricked Charlie and floated to space. He arrived at the ship and encountered the surviving crew members and he murdered Al Bert. He's knocked out by Fran after Ethan threw a last Krite egg. He held a gunpoint to Ethan, Charlie held him on gunpoint as well. Before he kills Charlie, Charlie shot and killed him by shooting Tetra in the head. This makes Ug an antagonist in the first place.

Trivia Edit

  • He was portrayed by Terrence Mann and appeared all Critters movies.
  • He's an antagonist before Charlie knew it, one reason:he knocked him out inside the pod after the last eggs is in place.
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